Just Passing Through Aqua

written by Chloe May 26, 2016

As many of you know – Aqua, Nicaragua has become a second home for Christian and I. Early March this year the Reef Girls Team with Reef Ambassador Paige Madison and Reef Adventure Seeker Photographer @BrooklynHawaii were just passing through Nicaragua and came to stay with us at  Aqua Wellness Resort. Joined by Fashion Blogger Christina Caradona aka @TropRouge and Lauren Eggertsen from Who What Wear the girls were ready to check out our local areas and catch some perfect waves.


I had the pleasure of helping host the girls with my girl @verilytrue and @seachel and find that @BrooklynHawaii’s photos perfectly catch the natural beauty of Aqua. Arriving as strangers and all parting as friends here are my Reef Girl Highlights



1 || Getting a beautiful view of our area is a perfect way to start your stay at Aqua. We hiked up to the top of Pie de Gigante to take it all in. As the weather was hot we made sure to get a delicious well deserved lunch after our hike in our Restaurant, La Onda


aqua_yoga_reef_girls2 || To stretch out those muscles the girls joined me for yoga on our gorgeous ocean view deck. Considering the action packed days the girls had yoga was the perfect way to relax, restore and start the day.



3 || The search for the perfect waves started with cruising down to our local break, Playa Amarillo. Here we got our feet wet, testing out the water, taking it easy, floating…


4 || Watching the sunset on the water is pure magic, so we took our girl crew back out on the water. As we paddled around on our stand up paddle boards and kayaks in the Aqua Bay the last moments of the day were well spent.



5 || Our local town of Gigante, a colorful little fishing village, is full of little hidden Nicaraguan gems. The girls spent the morning exploring the farmers market, having kombucha at Party Waves and eating colorful cups of shaved ice.



6 || Before it was time to go we had to have a chance to catch some more waves. A boat ride down to Popoyo was the perfect end to an amazing trip. From the boat we were able to watch the girls carve through some beautiful sets.


Thank you to Paige, Christina, Brooklyn, Verina, Chris, Lauren, Chelsea and Erin for the memories. All just passing through Nicaragua images taken by Brooklyn Hawaii. If you want to come make some memories in Nicaragua come join Christian and I from September onwards! 😉



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