Avec Chloé – Opening Letter

written by Chloe January 6, 2017

A Letter from Chloé written December 2015 when the idea for Avec Chloé was launched…

To my family, friends and readers,

I would be lying to you if I told you I wasn’t a little nervous launching my new venture, AvecChloé. A lot of you who know me know that deep down in my nomadic being there is a very steady person who is eager to share her passion for health, life and happiness.

I have been fortunate enough to travel a lot of the world and discover different parts of myself. Living as a multifaceted person I knew early on that I was never going to go down any one conventional route. So somewhere between my scientific background, desire to help others, nomadic injection, love of the ancient healing arts and desire to thrive on my own two feet I have arrived here. AvecChloé is my space online to share my vision, knowledge, expertise and work with you.

Over the last decade I have noticed we live in an increasingly fast paced world plagued by stress where more and more people are getting burnt out and sick. In the last years chronic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease have shot through the roof and not enough is being done to avoid these occurrences. Our current health care systems are becoming overwhelmed and are focusing on more curative work as opposed to preventative. With these facts I realized I didn’t need to travel thousands of miles away from home to help people.

There is a calling in our modern world for more mindfulness and presence obtained through ancient practices such as Yoga, Meditation and attention to what we put into our bodies. However for a large portion of people these practices aren’t prioritized in their lives, as there is a large divide between the wisdom of the past and the pace of the future.

I believe that small steps can be made to bridge that gap and obtain more balance in our lives. Nourishment in all forms (food, relationships, career, spirituality…) of the body and mind is essential to lead a happy and successful life. When we are balanced we are more mindful, when we are mindful we are more present and when we are present in life anything is possible…

I look forward to sharing with you and invite you to explore this space with me. Explore the website, try some of the recipes, read some of the content and let me know what you think.



~ Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Mind. Body. Spirit. ~


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