About Chloé

Chloe Profile 2019

As a young girl I was drawn to wellbeing, disease prevention and health. Introduced to yoga by my mother, Veronique, an Iyengar teacher, I started practicing at a young age. The peace of mind and inner strength I discovered through yoga led me to complete my mentorship in Teacher Yoga just outside of High School.

From then, alongside completing my academic studies in London, I took any time I could to travel to different parts of the world studying yoga in depth, holistic therapies and helping in impoverished areas. I thought I would become a Medical Doctor but after after completing my BSc in Biomedical Sciences at UCL I decided this path was not right for me. I then moved into my Master in Nutrition for Global Health at LSHTM but continued to teach and run Yoga Retreats with my dear friend Maudie.

I was happy to bring my love of academics and holistic nutrition together by attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Both sides of my education and studying with some of the top health and wellbeing experts in the world, equipped me with extensive, cutting-edge knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, and prevention. 

I met my love, Christian, on the road, whilst working and traveling in India. I was using my knowledge in Anatomy in Physiology to train Yoga Teachers in Teacher Trainings as well as working as a teacher in beautiful Goan retreat centers Ashiyana and Mandala. Together we created Yoga Healing Nature and moved to Nicaragua to run and manage the Wellness Programs and Retreats at Aqua Wellness Resort.

After 4 years on the road together we decided to move to California and I now work with clients to help make lifestyle changes and choose health-promoting ways that produce real and lasting results. My classes and private sessions allow you to develop a deeper understanding of what works best for you, improving your energy, balance, health, and happiness. Christian and I continue to run Yoga Retreats, events and programs together under our business Yoga Healing Nature. 

My Yoga Training

I completed my first Teacher Training Course in Vinyasa Yoga with the French Federation of Hatha Yoga. I completed the program as a mentorship with my teacher at the time in the classic tradition through out the year. Alongside my bachelors degree I then travelled several times to Nepal and India to study Meditation, Kriya, Pranayama and Yoga Asana and eventually completed my second TTC in Raja Yoga in India. As my mum is an Iyengar Teacher I have been blessed to study under many of the Senior Iyengar Teachers between France, India and the US. I have completed several week long Intensives and workshops with Abhijata Sridhar Iyengar, Manouso Manos, Faeq Biria, Corine Biria and Carolyn Belko. My focus as a student has not been to collect as many YA registered hours as possible, it has to been to learn through Master's experience, writings and my own practice. I truly believe that you never cease being a student of Yoga, it is a life long journey that I am humbled to walk.


Chloé & Yoga

Some of my fondest memories are from when we lived on a boat and would set up with my mum to do some yoga on deck. From the moment I left High School I knew that no matter what I did yoga would be a part of it. My yoga has taught me patience, control, humility and most of all balance. 

As a teacher I love helping students to reach their goals on and off the mat. I believe the beauty in yoga and coaching lies in the element of self discovery that allows the student to discover what is best for them whilst being guided. I am thankful to have many teachers who are constantly stimulating my own self discovery.


"I've attended a lot of yoga classes with different teachers because I find difficult to achieve balance in your practice when the teacher makes you feel uncomfortable or sometimes even stress you out. Chloe is simply the best yoga teacher I had the chance to practice with. I enjoyed every moment of the time spent with her during two yoga retreats in Italy and would love to participate to another one this summer!" - Julie

"An amazing teacher - I spent a long weekend at her yoga retreat in France and had an incredible time, and would go back in a heart beat." - Bella

"Chloe is an incredible teacher! I had the pleasure of attending her classes on and off for a year while living in Nicaragua and I could always trust that I would leave feeling calm, centered and well worked out. Her glowing, grounded presence shines through in her classes and makes it a joy to be a part of!!" - Leela

"Chloe is an incredible inspiration and friend. I have gotten to know her as an amazing yoga teacher, and seen her excel as a retreat leader, social media manager, health coach, and more! She is down to earth, genuine and passionate about what she does. I have very fond memories of meeting her in Nicaragua and being invited over to her beautiful home along the Emerald Coast for dinner with her and her partner Christian. Can't wait until our paths cross again!" - Mary

"I have known Chloe and her yoga for years now. I have always enjoyed her lessons as they have got everything I need in it and she keeps on evolving. Such a special person, true and correct. So professional and organized in the retreats as well. Can't wait to practice with you are an inspiration Bella" - Deborah

"I've followed Chloe's yoga for years now and it's been amazing to see her evolution and to which point her art comes straight from her heart. She has such a natural gift and it's a pleasure whenever I have the opportunity to have her share it. It really impacts your experience, mind, body and soul." - Barbara

"Chloe is not only an excellent teacher but a truly kind and beautiful person inside and out. Her retreats are exceptional and her skillfully designed sequences leave you feeling complete bliss physically, mentally, and spiritually." - Sara

"Chloe's teachings come from a place of pure passion and authenticity. A very inspiring yogi!!" - Vitina

"My practices with Chloe have been transformative and awakening! Chloe with has amazing depth of knowledge and perspective in the traditions of yoga and maintaining their integrity. Her understanding of the body, healing and energétics is vast and the way she transmits these teachings is a real gift! Always a treat and a joy to practice with Chloe! 🙏🙏🙏 Namaste!" - Carly

"Where do I start. From someone who didn’t expect to be on a yoga retreat, Chloe made the whole experience easy and fluid, whilst guiding me through a practice I didn’t think I could achieve. Her calm approach made it feel right and allowed me to explore my movement capabilities, but also tied it in to my wellbeing. I couldn’t reccomend any more highly." - Carl

"I love Chloe's style of yoga and only wish she lived next door so I could practice with her everyday. I have experienced her teaching in a few different studios as one off classes and attended several retreats. That alone should tell you a bit about her talent... I keep coming back for more! If you get the chance, attend a class, you won't regret it!" - Jenny

"Chloe has a true gift. She creates something so special in her classes- a safe space to practice with gentle encouragement and intelligent guidance that mean you leave feeling calm but with an amazing sense of accomplishment. I’ve been on three of her amazing retreats and my practice has developed so much- I only wish she lived nearer!" - Vicky

"Having worked with, practiced yoga with and generally have known and appreciated Chloe for all the time of our friendship I can't speak highly enough for her integrity, intelligence and skill. Chloe is a fantastic teacher, empath and all around badass." - Christopher

"Would travel far and wide to experience her yoga classes. Chloe is an intuitive teacher that navigates transformational yoga classes from strength and flow to restorative and mindful." - Cait